06.25.09 pm update

wren has been eating like a maniac! (she is at 7ml/hour enriched with prolacta) and it has paid off- she has gained up to 2lbs7oz!! yay... she'll be 3lbs before i know it... and i'll look back and think- "wow, my baby sure has grown up!". as i said before, they do expect her to lose some of that with the cpap because she's working so much harder to breathe.
we're expecting that she'll get off the IV antibiotics tomorrow. barring any growth in the blood cultures from a few days ago. (which everyone expects to come back clean.)
this evening she was still having de-sats, but no more than she had on the vent. i'm hoping they'll keep her extubated for at least a few days to give her a chance to warm up those lungs and really get them going. (also, to save them from additional scarring that can occur while intubated.)
her diaper rash is getting a little better, but the skin is still really broken down and it looks so painful!
she got another visit from uncle rob today... yay for visitors! too bad she's so small and can't really be held yet... but soon...
we're hoping that tomorrow she'll be stable enough for kangaroo care again. i'm trying to talk my mom and mike into trading off our kangaroo time so they get a chance to hold her. i'm not sure if she'll tolerate it- but she used to do really well while being held. lately she's been so finicky!
here's your nightly wren fix:


Laura said...

Grow, Wren, grow!!! :)

Kara said...

I can tell she's growing.
Praise Jesus!
What a beautiful life and precious gift.

mrscooke said...

We need an update! It's been days

Brian, Stephanie and Colby said...

I love that b&w pic - I can't believe how tiny she is though! That is one precious picture.