June 14am- I woke up last night with horrible cramps! and continue to have them... somebody mentioned offhand that when breastfeeding it causes your uterus to contract and go back to size quicker.... I guess I underestimated what that would be like- and that it would take a week to happen! it felt like my classical (vertical) scar on the inside was ripping open! and I got diarrhea- which is perfect because my hemorrhoids from being constipated while in the hospital were almost gone. :( this is not a good morning for me!!! then I had to pump, but I think I mentally messed it up because I was in so much pain. I couldn't get more than 40ml after 30minutes! I've been getting at least 160 each time. it was bad. :( but a good morning for wren! they upped her feedings again! 7ml! and they backed off on her IV meds! one step closer to removing the picc line!! theyalso gave her a glycerin suppository an she had a "blowout poop" according to the nurse. :) yay for baby poops. they said it's normal for them to need a little jump start.

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stacy said...

Unfortunately they don't tell you all the things that you go through after pregnancy. It took me 6 mo to finally feel back to normal somewhat. Two of my friends had c-sections and one took a lot longer to get back to normal, and the other the same time as me. So hang in there :) It doesn't get worse, only up from here.

I am glad that things are going well with Wren. She is soooo cute.