june 8

they were able to lower her oxygen this afternoon. they said this is a good sign that her patent ductus is closing. (PDA) we think they'll be doing the ultrasound of her heart tomorrow. I'll post an update as soon as I know. Tuesday is brain ultrasound day. they said that her main risk will show itself within a week. since she's not a week old yet she'll get scanned this week and next week too. then again in a month just to double check.
today we went during her "touch time" to see her. it was hard because she was unhappy the whole time! but it was nice to be able to help with her care. thadd got to take her temperature and change her diaper... I got to soothe her. I'll be posting more updates/info/pictures.... just as soon as I get to a computer...
they're sending me home on Tuesday I think...
I've been pumping every 3 hours or so.. I've been getting about 4oz or so each time. they seem impressed.. but hey, have you seen these things? they're huge! my H bras are way too small. as soon as I get home I have to order some new nursing bras... I guess I'll order size k or l or something... maybe I'll wait till I get fully engorged to order them. I'm totally open for pumping tips. it seems they I'll be pumping for about a month or more exclusively. (until she works out how to breath/suckle/swallow all at the same time). the lactation consultant was less than helpful... I have no clue what I'm doing here- she pretty much said "page me when you start breastfeeding". :/ grrr. at this point I feel like nursing would feel more natural.
ok... off to bed... have to get up in a few hours and pump.. wish I could hold my little bird.

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Jessica B said...

4 oz. is impressive at this stage. Are they giving you enough storage containers to keep it all? You will probably start getting even more than that each time you pump, especially if you're waking up every 3 hours at night, too. Keep in mind that Wren will not be able to drink near that much when she's first able to try nursing. If you start making way too much, you can try not pumping all of it out each time and that will tell your body that you don't need quite as much. The bad thing about having way too much for her when she starts nursing is making sure she gets enough of the hind milk. Also, if you have a forceful letdown, it can be like trying to drink from a water hose and cause her to let off and cough and sputter.