June 11pm- wren did get her pic line in today. thadd actually went to watch. it just breaks my heart- I coulnt do it. I'm also having some scheduling issues with the nurses. they can't seem to get her feeding/touch time schedule down... and it's really aggravating me! especially when I'm having to drive from home! for now it's just a minor inconvenience. her food situation seems to be under control again. what they gave back to her earlier digested well, and the feeding since have been digesting too. she's back on the light therapy... which makes me sad. she also is laying on a "light blanket" so I'll have pictures of that soon. hopefully I'll be able to hold her tonight- but today was really a hard day for her- so... we'll see.


Jessica B said...

Should you be driving already?

girl said...

not yet... i have to wait another week or so. but i can travel with thadd.... (as dangerous as it is!)