june 22pm update- still good news!

the nurse said that they are in fact planning on extubating her tomorrow! we're planning on getting there about the time the docs do bedside rounds so we can hear about her plan. (i've got to figure out some sort of schedule!)
thadd wasn't feeling too hot tonight... so he didn't get to go see her.. it was sooo hard for him!
her diaper rash was really much worse this evening. tomorrow i'm going to talk to the nurse about changing her every 2 hours. we need to clear up this "rash"! right now her touch times are every 4 hours... so she's only getting changed that often... she needs it much more than that now. she's a mega pooper! she poops and poops and poops! i'm actually a little worried about it- but, you guessed it, "it's normal"!
she actually lost 10grams today... but who's counting? they said they actually expect her to lose quite a bit once they take her off the vent again. breathing is hard work! so i'm bracing myself for those numbers.

as a brief aside about pumping i would like to say- it sucks! i totally know why people don't breastfeed/pump- it sucks! (haha... that's sort of a play on words and i didn't even plan it. aren't i clever?) i waited about 4.5 hours between pumpings today and one half of my body was unhappy! it was a hard-lumpy-tender unhappy... an almost unbearable unhappy! i was at the hospital to see wren and i actually had to sit in the car for 15 minutes pumping to relieve some of the pressure. i got 80ml out of the offending lactation tool. then, as soon as i came home, about an hour and a half or 2 hours later, i got 150ml from that same side. and i probably could have gotten more.. but i'm just going to set my alarm for 3 hours and WITHOUT fail take care of business. ouch! i had to use a warm compress and massage just to get everything out and relieve the hard- lumpy-tender-discomfort.

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meghan said...

Pumping does kill : ) between the constant pumping and the 4 rounds of mastitis that's why I couldn't wait to quit--it's been the best decision for me : ) Just keep a sock filled with rice with you to heat up in the microwave and put on it for awhile. I did that when I had the mastitis and I would just stick it under my shirt whenever I was laying down--felt soooo much better!
Glad to see she's gaining so good--she's doing TONS better than caden did so soon after he was born. He just kept losing.
If you need a good diaper rash cream, there's a compound you can have made at some pharmacies (colliers is the only ones in FYT that make it) and it has neosporin, stoma powder (colon cancer patients use that for something), lotrimin, zinc, and something else--and it works GREAT. Caden had horrible rash for about 5-6 wks that literally blistered and peeled the skin off his poor butt--that was the only thing to get rid of it. We tried ever OTC diaper rash cream before it and none of it worked.