june 20pm update- still doing good!

wren had an ok day today. in the morning they decided to up the frequency of the breaths that she is given by the vent. this is a minor setback, but caused her oxygen to be weened down most of the time to about 26%... which is great! (we're worried about the oxygen because of her eyes- remember about retinopathy?) anyway, the doctor said that wren just decided to "take a little vacation" and that they'll give her whatever help she needs. overall she said she's still not worried about her... they she's pretty normal.
I also talked to the doctor about the long term effects of the vent. she said that she would really like to see her off of it within 2 weeks, because it does cause scarring of the lungs. :( but, children's lungs grow until they are 7... and by the time wren reaches 3 the damaged part would make up such a small percentage that we wouldn't be able to tell any difference between her and another child. (good news.)
about the hmf (human milk fortifier). when I asked the nurses about this, then the resident, they all looked at me like I had 3 heads or something. they didn't seem to understand why I would even question it. they deferred me to one of the upper level doctors. that doctor was great! she said there is actually a company that somehow condenses human milk to pack lots of content into smaller quantities of milk. hmf made of hm! she said that similac also makes one.(this would be what I'm choosing NOT to give my baby).
she was just covering for the weekend- so she said she would check and see what they're using. we're going to touch base on it later today.
when I spoke to the doctor she said the main thing is nutrition- which thankfully wren has NO problem with! her little digestive system is working great! between 6.19-6.20 she gained 20grams. she had had some loss(which is "normal")- but is now back to 2.2lbs.

they also got back a culture on her lung secretions. it came back growing a little something. they aren't calling it pneumonia... but fwy gave her albuterol (sp?), like what is found in inhalers, to open up her lungs- followed by an inhaled antibiotic. this should last about a week- happening every 8 hours. it does speed up her little heart- but they said there are no side effects.
she hasn't had any blood work recently, but she was looking a little orangey the other day- I expect her back on the light therapy soon.
today she got to meet her gigi and pop for the first time... they were a little surprised and said she seemed smaller in person. i think she seems bigger in person. :) i guess seeing a 2lb baby for the first time is a bit of a shock for anyone! she loved them both and they got to spend some good time "containing" her. :) hopefully, we'll have some cooperative nurses and they'll be able to hold her a bit before they leave next weekend. (if she gets off the vent it makes everything easier. but she just isn't listening to me yet!)

gigi and wren

pop and wren

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