June 7- wren's got a PDA. a valve that would normally close after delivery that often times will stay open in micro preemies. this causes the blood to circulate back to the lungs and overloads them. they treat this with a motrin like drug. (which is why pregnant women can't take motrin- it could cause this vessel to close inutero- when they need it open)
if this isn't fixed by the meds she'll have to have surgery where they clamp it off through her back. :/ please pray that we make it over this next hurdle- the PDA closing. we're just taking it one day, one step at a time.
another risk is a brain bleed. this could happen at any time. there's nothing to treat it, nothing to prevent it. it is what it is. they gave her platelets today. (my low platelets affected her). this is all they can do- just try to make it so that she can clot easier if it does happen.


Betsy in ar said...

major prayers being lifted
I would love to hear the whole story when you feel up to it.
Keep the faith
Love you!

Laura said...

Oh, Wren!

We are praying for her, Charla. And for you too. I think we are going to do some fasting this week for her too. Fervent prayers for your little family.

Charla - I know your heart breaks when you see her hooked up to the tubes, but it's NOT your fault. No one could have predicted you'd get HELLP again!! And part of it probably IS the post-partum emotion, so your emotions will stabilize over the next couple of weeks. Don't let the mom-guilt overwhelm you. I can't possibly know what you're going through, but I want you to know that I hurt WITH you and love you. We're sending prayers and love and comforting thoughts your way.

Sing to Wren. She will be comforted by her Mommy's voice, even if you can't hold her.

You're a good Mom, Charla. And you're a brave and beautiful person. We love you so much. I know I have never been as close to you as some of the other Donaghey women, but please know that I'm here for you - for anything you need. Even if it's middle of the night reassurance, or just a friendly voice on the other end of the phone, or whatever I can do, please let me know. I'm here.

Love you, girl. Keep your chin up! Wren is a fighter and she is covered by SO much prayer!!

Jason and Misty said...

charla and thadd congrats. This was the first day I got to see your daughter. I really enjoy hearing that she is fiesty. We are praying for you all and especially Wren. if she is anything like her mommy she is gonna be a super fighter. we will keep you all covered in prayers. The team here at westview will be praying and our church families will be praying. Thanks for keeping us posted and the c-section will feel better in a few days. I had three. If you had staples and not stitches it feels so much better after the staples are removed. Walking really helped me. Don't vacuum!

We are praying!!! love you very much! and that love extends to your beautiful daughter!