June 12pm- they upped her feedings... she's now up to 3ml every 3 hours. and if she keeps doing well they'll just keep increasing it! I can't wait to see a nice yellow breastmilk poop! :) thadds doing the kangaroo care right now... I'm a little jealous. I'm not sure if I can get him to agree to post a picture- he's so picky about things like that! she always sats really high when we're holding her... it's really comforting.(our baby feels comforted by us!!!) she had her first abd today. (apnea- bradycardia- de-sat) her heartrate actually went to about 40, and she stopped breathing for more than 20 seconds. it's totally normal- but still scary. they checked her blood glucose and lowered her glucose intake on her IV nutrition. preemies are apt to get hypoglycemia.. do they're staving it off. I forgot the pump when we went home tonight- so I missed 2 sessions!! almost 3! painful! I've tried to be really diligent-protecting my supply because it's so important for her- and also- it really hurts!! but when you forget the pump- what can you do? I ended up going for 30 minutes- until I felt some relief... I was shocked to find 250ml! that's 8.5oz! crazy!!! so I'm going to wait 2 hours, pump, and then I'll be back on my 3 hour schedule. oh, and we should find out tomorrow if she gets off the light therapy. oh, and also, her head ultrasound showed NO bleeds- nor even small ones! what a blessing!!!!!!!

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