june 12-a post about me: I just successfully completed a shower without sobbing. it is a good day. as a sidenote: I've developed welps on both hips. I think this is a reaction to macrobid, which I'm on for the uti I have. (which isn't working to get rid of it because according to a phone call from my doctor I have 2 strains growing- one of which is resistant to the macrobid. fun fun fun! so, Monday I'm going in to get a check up on my bp, tell them about the rash, and do a sample for the uti again. in also getting OFF the coumadin. they were trying to do me a favor with that- no needle pricks everyday. but it makes me feel soo terrible! and it's a really involved process- with constant blood testing and whatnot to make sure the levels are ok. it's just too much- and makes me feel so icky! (similar to how the blood pressure medication they put me on last year
add me feel.) I can't wait to be myself again.

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