yay for visitors!

all the labs so far are still normal! what a blessing!! that seems ton be what would really push them to delivery- all my symptoms aside. I'm seeing floaters in my vision(though I'm getting conflicting reports of what the floaters are "supposed to look like", hehe) and my bps have been hitting up in the 150s/90s now. I should hear more after the big doctors meeting this morning... hopefully a more definitive plan.
I'm not sure why my last post came out in parts- I hope it doesn't start doing that everytime- what a hassle.
thanks to the lansings and the bookers for the visits yesterday... and all the vittles!! never you fear- I will not starve on terrible hospital food as long as I have friends looking out for me!

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meghan said...

Woo hoo! glad your labs are good! And yay for friends bringing you real food in the hospital--my parents made sure I wasn't eating nasty food after I had caden--I don't think I ate a whole hospital meal once in the 3 days I was there!