830grams today! and we got the ventilator out. she CAN breathe by herself- but it is really labored and she tires easily. she's now wearing the cpap machine- and will be for a while. they've upped her food as well. she'll now get 2ml every 3 hours. digestion going well. but I haven't seen a poopy diaper yet. the most exciting part about today was getting to hold her!!! I did kangaroo care (holding her against my chest- skin to skin) for quite some time. they said we can do it as often for as long as she'll tolerate it. :) she did great! and now that she's not ventilated we can hear her little mews. she didn't cry at all though. and after holding her for a while I started leaking milk... hehe... it was soo perfect holding her.

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stacy godfrey said...

She sounds good and you sound like a very happy mother :) I am glad she is progressing well, and can't wait to meet her. If you need anything, let me know.