the story of a baby who went [mostly]cordless

apparently, my recent change of status to a geosmom (geographical single mom) has hindered my ability to post updates in a timely fashion. i apologize.

so, last week wren went back to the pulmonologist.. and got official weaning orders! (though she'd been sating great off oxygen for the past 3 weeks or so.) officially they say:

oils- a nosotalkedabout danger?

sooo if you check back a few days you'll find that we were doing this to boost her weight- and BOY DID IT WORK. she's still gaining like crazy. when we went to the pulmonologist the other day she was actually weighing in at 11lbs 14oz (down 4 oz from the day before) but she had a dirty diaper that weighed in at 7oz- so i'm happy with that math!

on to pressing news. i'd been adding olive oil to her baby food puree. some use olive oil, some coconut oil, fish oil, i've even read of using butter... all add fats to the food and really plump up the little ones. now, instead of oil, i'm using cornstarch. (ick- right?) well, it's for a good reason.

when i talked to the pulmonologist about this she was adamant that i stop. apparently, while eating if it "goes down the wrong pipe", or when she refluxes, if it comes up... we're in trouble. this causes what is called lipid(or lipoid) pneumonia. (aspiration pneumonia caused by the inhalation of oils.) i balked at first, but the pulmonologist said that it is severe, and that she has lost a baby to this in the past. apparently it comes on fast, and has a high mortality rate. (it also often leads to bacterial pneumonia.)

i haven't been able to find much research regarding olive oil and L.P... but i did find that it oftentimes can come from stomach contents... and is usually in those with problems swallowing, or frequent reflux. just the fact that my doc has lost a baby previously, firsthand, that was enough for me to take her off of it.

just a word to the wise! please feel free to post your experiences or comments.


what a fatty

i'm not the only fat one in the family anymore....
wren is weighing in at 12lbs 2oz!
here's a little comparison:

the day we left the nicu, her feet barely reached past the harness

and this was a few weeks ago, her feet touch the end!
(you'll see this one again. it was from our trip to taos, nm.)


preemie PT

i promised some new posts... they're long overdue.
so here goes!

our first physical therapy appointment was in early january when wren was 7 months actual, 4 months adjusted... it took forever to get the appointment. remember we moved here in october? i guess that's just par for the course. with another 2 moves in the next 8 months i guess i've got to be prepared. the whole time i couldn't get the appointments i was a little frantic, thinking "what if we're missing developmental milestones and don't even know it?". once the appointment was scheduled i was terrified of what we might find. (generally behind on things... or even CP...)

the results were:



is the day of at least 3 posts!! i promise :) i uploaded about 30 pictures... it's basically halfway done now.