moving, moving, almost moved

sorry i've been on sabbatical lately... since my last post we've moved from hawaii with 13 bags, a baby on oxygen, a cat and a dog. we stayed over in california to visit very dear friends and my great grandad... what a trip!

taken in our empty house, waiting to leave for california... check out those rolls! 8lbs 5 oz the day we left.

now we've landed in arkansas and are in the process of finding a house... it will be next week before i've got the time to do a decent post, but here's a picture to hold you over.


etsy evening

taken from the etsy storefront

tonight let's talk about one of my favorite shops on etsy. there's a bit of a story about these wings... my mom ordered them for wren to arrive before our photoshoot. (slideshow in previous post.) being that we're in hawaii and didn't order them in time they didn't get in until the day of in the afternoon. (despite the best efforts of the seller, michelle, who did everything she could to get them here in the amount of time we gave her.) she even made a little preemie hat for wren. awww!!
enter: the dog. i never even got to see the wings. mady ate them right out of the package.. there were feathers, and plastic, and paper... everywhere...
well, i told michelle (sojomaxboutique) about the great slaughter of the wings, and she offered to send them my way at no charge! so, here's the replacement wings... as beautiful as ever! she also sent a halo, and an adorable little nest. (read: looks like a hat, with feathers on the rim) i tried to get wren to take a picture in the nest... she was having none of it... and then she peed all over it. so i'm going to try and wash it and try again.
here, for your viewing pleasure, our little bird in wings:

i'm going to be taking more pictures from different angles, soon... i'll post them when i get them. please check out our favorite costume/angel wings/photo props site: imagination couture!

convenience- A-  (i think this was mostly due to a wriggling baby!)
design- A
price- A
customer service- A+ (stellar!!!)



waiting for her exam...still in her sling... zonked out.

today was the day... we found out that wren officially has made it through her stay at the nicu, and subsequent time on oxygen without retinopathy or need for surgery.


i have to say, all the docs are really shocked by this. (as i've said many times before.)

dastardly devil: reflux

also called gastroesophageal reflux
is your baby-
spitting up frequently (more than 2 times a day);
fussy often throughout the day (specifically before, during or after eating)
refusing to eat,
fighting eating;
taking only small amounts of milk, regardless of the amount of time since the last feeding;
back arching during feedings;
choking or apnea during or after eating;
skin color turns pale or grayish during or after eating;

poor weight gain; and/or
having frequent respiratory infections.then they probably have reflux

pediatric pulmonologist- why yes, we have one

a few days ago we went to see the lung doctor. cld or bpd kids get one- so don't get jealous just yet...the doc was AMAZING! i really appreciated all the extra time she took with me... as you can guess i ask about 1 million questions when i don't understand something. she was great with ms. wren and long suffering with me.

i know it's the question on everyone's mind- and lips- "when will she be off oxygen?"