waiting for her exam...still in her sling... zonked out.

today was the day... we found out that wren officially has made it through her stay at the nicu, and subsequent time on oxygen without retinopathy or need for surgery.


i have to say, all the docs are really shocked by this. (as i've said many times before.)
they all told us to expect at least stage 2... and to not be surprised if she needed laser surgery. after all, she was vented for 2 weeks... on cpap for a month or more... and still on cannula.

she also asked me if we had many blonds in our families. apparently wren has a blond fundus. this means she could have ocular albinism... or she could just be fair skinned, white haired beauty. a blond fundus makes your eyes more sensitive to light, so i suppose we'll put her in some sunglasses soon. (she definitely gets that from me.)

we'll have another checkup in about 3 months to check for myopia. (nearsightedness) i'm nearsighted pretty bad, and thadd has just a touch of it. preemies are predisposed, but we're hoping for another miracle. and then she'll have her "final" exam at about 6 months old.

still before the exam... she wasn't very happy afterward.


Meagan Cooke said...

Praise God! I prayed about it! So happy for you guys! WAY TO GO WREN!!!

Christi said...

Sounds like you guys are blessed in many ways...this little girl is special!

I got Gunner's cosutme at walmart $8..love it. They have some very cute styles...giraffe, frog, puppy, flower and they come in NB and 0-3. He is wearing the 0-3 size.