june 21- my whopping 2lb 3oz girl!

well, no news is good news right? overall there haven't been any changes in her breathing today. while we were there she was doing her usual yo-yo on her sats... i wish she'd stop that... but i suppose time and maturity are the only things to help her at this point.
on a high note she gained 50 grams last night!!! YAY! that's a big gain for her, and puts her at about 2.3lbs! my big girl- right? :)
still good on digestion, tolerating feedings, and on the hourly 6ml. i'm hoping they'll be able to get her back to every 3 hours again soon... it just seems more normal.
the gunk in her tube has been less and less. though there is still a little there. i believe she'll be on the breathing treatments followed by the inhaled antibiotics for a few more days, then they'll re-test.
her Co2 was a little bit up from yesterday, but trending downward.
she got to meet her uncle rob today! it was so cute to see them together. he was so terrified of breaking her and jumped every time she moved. :) in a few months when she's fattened up a little bit i'm sure she'll be less intimidating.

uncle rob and wren


Meagan cooke said...

Charla, I can't read the white words on the peach background :(
praying all is well with little Wren.
Love ya!

girl said...

it should load a brown background. sorry! if it happens again try highlighting the text with your cursor.(as if to cut and paste.) I'll try to figure out why it's not working.

Meagan Cooke said...

It was on my iPhone... I can see it A LOT better now!!