06.24.09 it's all normal...

look at her little face! you can almost see it!! (they took the tape off of her chin and attached her feeding tube to the vent tubing. they have her on IV antibiotics now. they've stopped the nebulized ones. they sent off her blood for a 3rd culture. if nothing grows (again!) then they will take her off the antibiotics. her poo is a little more solid- which is good. and she's still tolerating feedings. they've lowered the peep setting on her vent to 6. it was at 7. it has something to do with the expelled pressure I think.. I can't keep straight what all the settings do. her average number(of all her settings) is about an 8-9 usually. for them to pull the tube it needs to be at in the 6-7 range... so she's close! :)

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