june 15pm

wren got a blood transfusion, it's really normal. her blood count was low. her platelets were at 66000. that's low but ok for her. since she's not at risk for brain bleeds (that much) anymore they will only give her platelets if they're below 30k. they said when babies are born they stop making blood for 9 weeks. (interestingly at her size she only has half a cup of blood) the doc said we can expect her to need 4-5 blood transfusions during her stay. between her not making blood, and what they have to take to test.
they also had to put her on sipap. it's like the cpap- but it gives her more breaths. they found she was needing more and more oxygen lately so they did an xray. they found that her lungs weren't inflating all the way... so they upped the cpap from 5 to 6 and that wasn't enough. so they switched to the sipap.
they think her lung problems are possibly caused by an infection. the doc said an infection manifests itself as a fever in us, but can show itself through lung problems in a preemie. they took a blood and urine culture and we'll find out the results in 48 hours.
on a good note she's tolerating her feedings... and gained 40grams since yesterday!


Jason and Misty said...

Little bird we are covering you in our prayers!

Brian, Stephanie and Colby said...

I feel awful! I haven't checked anyone's blog for weeks, and look how much I missed!!! She's absolutely precious. We're keeping all three of you in our prayers as you tackle this next stage in your baby adventure. I'm beyond excited that you've come this far and stayed so strong. You're absolutely amazing!