06.23.09 pm update....

wren's had quite the day today. I think I already told you she had to have her vent setting upped to 25/minute. they also had to up the pressure from 8 to 10. she had an abd episode while my mom and I were at the bedside tonight... it was sooo scary! she turned blue-purple and her numbers were all falling. the nurse actually had the bag out to breathe for her... but she ended up coming back up on her own. apparently that's the way she does things- always up and down. her newborn screen came back with low thyroid levels, and high amino acids. the thyroid is probably just because she is a preemie.most babies thyroid will just start up on their own after about 32-34 weeks. if it comes back low again they'll send off a thyroid serum to triple check, if that's low then they'll start treating her for hypothyroid. hypothyroid can lead to mental retardation in children, so this is something we want to watch closely. the amino acids come back high almost 100% because of the IV nutrition. they pump them full of the proteins.. so the doc expects that is a false high on the test. we walked in this morning to find that she had a new IV and was getting a blood transfusion. ick. the doc said as long as she doesn't get sick she probably won't need too many more. she's still got a ton of drainage in her lungs... which could be aggravated by the tube... but she's not ready to have the tube out... so, it's sorta a catch 22. the gunk could be making her sats worse, but she can't get off because of low sats! feedings are still good, and the doc isn't worried about her pooping so much as long as her diapers have cottage cheese. (which I will never think of the same again!) her diaper rash is on the mend as well. there's probably more- I'll write as soon as I remember! :) and i have some adorable pictures i have to retrieve off my phone... i'll get them up tomorrow morning.

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