breast milk baby

my dear sweet little bird got her first taste of breast milk! since her PDA is no longer she's able to start in on food. for now she gets 1ml every 4 hours. a few drops in her mouth- but mostly through a feeding tube. we watched then put it in. it was really hard to watch. she gagged and grimaced the whole time. :( poor baby. but this is part of the whole process. she'll have a number of feeding tubes before it's over- and she'll eventually have it in her nose. try expect to extubate her in the next few days!! she'll go back on the cpap machine and breath a little more on her own. :) her next hurdle is just to make sure she can digest the milk- her digestive tract is just underdeveloped... so they have to make sure.... (or she could get nec.)
I'm posting pics on facebook until I go home. then I'll tidy up the blog. the pregnancy blog will become the preemie blog. ;)

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Stacie Donaghey said...

That's so wonderful! I'm so glad she's making the steps to getting better and stronger! I'm praying for all of you!