she has had some goo in her eyes the past few days. they said it could be part of an infection. tomorrow I'm going to have them do something about it or rule it as "non-infection goo". (of course maybe she's on broad enough spectrum antibiotics to cover whatever it could be.) sidenote: she loves the binky!! so much for my hippy view of limited later on binkies and low flow bottles to avoid nipple confusion. maybe if she was full term....what a world!! haha.. anyway the binky builds her sucking reflex(which we want her to have), soothes her, and they can associate sucking with feeling full if they use it when feeding though the gavage.(using a feeding tube and gravity= gavage). in addition it acts as a plug keeping the sipap air from escaping though the mouth. (it's blown forcefully into her nose and will come right out if her mouth is open... and she's a little mouth breather!!!)

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