the best room ever

soo.. I have a window AND a bathroom with a shower and a door now! I'm in ward 5b1 rm 10. I have cell service- I think... :)
they're thinking I may get to go home after all. since my labs keep coming back normal... I'll have to keep doing the 24 hour urine tests -woo-hoo! but if I can be ok, and wren can be ok... our prayers have been answered! :)
my bps have been all over the place- but since there's no "trend" they say that's ok.
I'll keep y'all posted as I find stuff out. they're re-evaluating me midweek to make the decision on home or not.


Laura said...

Hooray!! Keep us posted. We love you! (and Wren, and Thadd)

Laura said...

Love you!

meghan said...

Can't wait to see pics!