june 23 am update- here's the step back

so, last night, after 1am, they had to turn up her vent setting to 25/minute. (this is up from 20/minute.) they said she was having too many de-sats. this means no extubation today. :(
but, thadd and i have talked about it, and we would definitely rather have her on it a LITTLE too long, than have her extubated and then intubated again.
we're headed up there this morning to catch the rounds.

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amber perrodin said...

wow...im so very proud of you. wren is a strong little lady. good luck with the pumping...it will be so worth it when you are finally able to cradle her and allow the two of you to work together. hang in there beautiful charla. each day is a day stronger...for all of you!