june 26, 2009

wren had a good day today. her red blood cells were down a bit- so she got more blood. she did really well after the blood and her diuretic. not much new other than that. the blood cultures came back negative... so she's off the antibiotics.(again) her weight was down 30 grams from yesterday- but we're holding out for the weekly average we'll get on Sunday night. they say the day to day isn't very accurate because there's so much up and down. overall things are looking up. keep those prayers coming! we are reminded of how blessed we are when we see other babies in bad condition in the nicu. it hurts my heart to see them with their troubles, and reminds me of how perfect wren is, aside from being a little small. thank the lord for that.

when the machine gives her a puff of air it can escape through her mouth- and the little mouth breather has a problem with that! so we stick the binky in there to keep the air in. this keeps her sats up. oh, and I got to kangaroo tonight for about an hour. :) thadd says she's going to be a trumpet player.

here she is in her size "preemie" diaper. these are the preemie diapers you would buy at the store. she's not really very happy here.

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