july 4&5- no news is good news!

she's been doing great the past few days. they've moved her sipap breaths from 30-25-30-20... she desats the same no matter what.. so they've left her at 20 for the time being. I'm sure they'll change their mind later! last night I got to kangaroo- I'll post pictures soon.

thadd held her tonight and we did great. it's just a waiting game for now. her blood gases were good, as were her red blood cells and white blood cell counts. her 1 month head ultrasound is Tuesday- please please remember her little head in your prayers!

thanks for everything ya'll- you're amazing. from all of the lovely shower gifts.. to little notes of prayer and concern from all over the country... we love you and thank you for your interest and investment in our little one. and I would like to say thanks also to the people who have been especially thoughtful in their concern for us.. things I wouldn't have thought of even... like giving us money for gas, or giftcards for food..(subway- since it's the only place at the hospital.) those things have been such a great help to us. I'm planning on doing a post soon on things to do for preemie parents. (from our experiences so far, and a list from another preemie mom's blog too.) it is such a unique situation, and I know that before now I would have had no idea what to say or do for preemie parents. maybe i can pass on some ideas for you all to use in the future about how to make them feel loved and help them through their journey...

I forgot my camera AND my phone tonight... but I'll have more pictures tomorrow. :) I'm off to bed.

please say a little prayer for wren after you read this...I'm getting so impatient to bring her home!! 2 more months... just 2 more months....

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