july 24- abrupt changes

this morning when i called to check on wren the nurse told me they changed her sprints from 3on cpap 3 off cpap, to only 3 hours a day. ugh. she also had her on cpap, on her stomach, at 55% oxygen. if you've been following the blog you know that wren has needed MUCH less! and also, that while 3on/3off may be a little bit much, she can do way more than 3 hours a day.
i also called and checked on her about 4 am, and was told that she was doing fine. she did ok on her sprints the past few days and everything. she's needed less than 40% on her back on the cpap consistently now for days. the nurse told me that since i "come once a day" that the doctors wanted her to do her sprint while i was there. the nurse then proceeds to tell me that wren can only do her sprints while i'm there. i was balling! i don't need the added stress that my baby can only have her cannula when i'm there. something about making that my responsibility was just too much. i think i've been keeping everything bottled up. (yeah right, i know! i blog EVERY day!) but i think i just haven't cried enough recently. i haven't mourned the loss of my max, my full term pregnancy, my crisis of having a child in the hospital for months and on and on.
the nurse she had today was a nurse that we like and everything. but i think that there was a miscommunication. i double checked with her nurse from last night, only to find that she didn't give the report exactly as it was passed on. it's really just a grown up version of the telephone game.

the nurse tonight was another one of our favorites. she has wren all the time and knows her backwards and forwards. she said she was just being her normal self. we did the sprint this evening when we went in. she started off at 60%, hung out at 50%, and weened down to the 40s. we both got to kangaroo her too.
her weight is at 1490!!! the nurse actually put her on the temp mode on the isolette, and snuggled her in a blanket! she's going to pass on that she should be able to start wearing clothes. :) it makes me happy. (of course her low weight gain, and still being on the cpap, could hold her back from this. we're holding out that her great temperature control will win out. )
snuggled in... swaddled and comfy in bed. :)
we're going to hope that they bounce her back up after she showed such stellar performance today. maybe to 3 on, 6 off? that's what the nurses have suggested. and we think she would do ok on that. we'll see what the doctors decide. (it totally depends on what doctor, what nurse, and how they feel that day...it's hard being tossed around so much.)

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