july 23- hanging in there

our bestest, auntie katie (who also happens to be a nurse.)

one of the nurses suggested today that i separate my hind milk out to enrich my milk. apparently when a mom has a large supply it dilutes the milk more. so to beef up our little one we're going to start giving her mostly hind milk. it makes sense- right?
wren is now 3lbs 3oz! yay! and only about 20 grams away from wearing clothes. i'm so happy! i just can't wait to have that "regular baby" feeling when she's in clothes.
her breathing is going well. she's been in the low 30's on oxygen when she's on the cpap on her back. and in the 40s during the day on the cannula. (mostly because she behaves for auntie jeanette- one of her primary nurses.:) at night she's needing more oxygen on the cannula.. up to about 60. i think this may be because she's such a night baby. she wiggles and squirms around all night long! (mostly because she's trying to drive auntie katie nuts. :) i think this will resolve when she can be swaddled. she loves it SOOO much! so far the 3 on, 3 off is working out alright. cross your fingers and say your prayers!


Jason and Misty said...

WOW!She has grown so much! She is just so beautiful! 3lbs. 3oz. is awesome. Go Wren and hind milk GO!!!!

Jessica said...

My whole heart goes out to you...I read about you and Wren on thebump.com. My twins are due in December and I am just reading up on all the preemie stuff, since they tend to com early.

I will say a little prayer....gosh all that you guys are going through with this tiny little being.

But, either way, she's doing so good, what a brave girl!