june 28....

wren is doing good today. she got to be held by her pop for about an hour. :) she sat-ed well the whole time! (that makes a good visit for gigi and for pop!) they've put her on an oral diuretic... to make sure her lungs stay clear.. and that she doesn't retain too much fluid from the blood transfusions. her weight was down again today. she's at a +60grams for the week. and is at 14 3/4" in length. thadd and I are concerned a little because her weight isn't at the daily average they said they'd like to see. we're hoping it's the loss of water weight coupled with burning all the extra calories on the new machine.
her ROP (retinopathy of prematurity- eye) exam is set for the 2nd of July. thadd is going to go. we just feel like people take extra care when the parents are there.(sadly) I don't have the fortitude to watch tests and exams and medical procedures... it makes me too upset... I'm glad that thadd can handle those things! they've gotten the mask to work a little-so my little bat-girl doesn't have to use the nose prongs exclusively anymore.. she does especially well with her binky in! the problem is that she's really between sizes on the mask. one crushed her nose, one lets too much air escape. no other news. yay!

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