july 12-pm

sprinting went awesome!! she was on 2liters (which is quite a bit of pressure) in the 30s for most of the time. (except while she pooped. she started desating and had to go to the 40s.) she surprised everyone! (except us! :) we had her out for an hour and a half because she tolerated it so well. she kept picking up her head and turning it the opposite direction. freedom! she can't accomplish that with the elephant nose of the cpap. so now she has orders to sprint for an hour once a day.. all because one of our favorite nurses said " let's give her a chance." awesome. it's amazing how subjective her care really is. it drives us crazy! but, she did so well. I think it was my first time to be proud of her. she worked so hard and did so well. what a neat and fun feeling to have. I can't wait, and I'm sure she can't wait, to get on the cannula full time! but that is definitely a while away. we're so blessed to have such an amazing little girl.

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