july 30- amazing healing

so, if you read my last big post (here) then you know that wren was diagnosed with ROP, retinopathy of prematurity, stage 2, zone 2, two weeks ago. we were told that if it got any worse, we'd be looking at laser surgery.
here's some information on ROP. the diagram below shows the zones. as you can see, zones 1 & 2 have to have intervention. (whereas zone 3 can usually be left alone.)
today, the doctor said after her exam that he saw no signs of retinopathy! i'm just in shock. i know that god can do miracles. i know that god answers prayers. but to have something so...so... real happen in our lives. it was one way, now it's another... that's just... breath-taking! (of course, it could be that the doctor from the week prior wrote down the wrong information. that would be a MAJOR screw up.. but i guess it is within the realm of possibility.)

her eyes are all puffy from the exam

it seems like the past few years, the lord has definitely lowered the "hedge" around us and our families. (if you know in the book of job satan tells god that he has "put up a hedge" around job and blessed all the work of his hands- and that is why job serves him. he tells god to take that away, and that job will no longer serve him. job 1.8-10 charla standard version :)
anyway. it's just easy to feel like we've had more than our "fair" share of crap as of late. but, i'm reminded of god's answer to job, when job questioned the "justice" he was being denied. (why should bad things happen to good people...faithful people?) god answered, "where were you when i laid the earth's foundation? answer me if you understand." and "have you ever given orders to the morning? or shown the dawn its place..." "would you discredit my justice? would you condemn me to justify yourself?" job answered back "i know you can do all things, no plan of yours can be thwarted." (all that is around job 40-42ish.) wow! and that really sums up this life doesn't it? that with all the craziness that happens we can choose to take comfort in god and his plan, or blame him. either way, his will will be done.
rather than drowning in a pool of tears i've decidedly focused on the blessings that we've been given. (well, maybe i'm focusing on those things while swimming in a pool of tears.) and my, how we have been blessed! just as god has allowed us to have adversity in our lives, he has also taken care of our needs, and shown us mercy in so many ways. wren has not had NEC, IVH, she hasn't required extreme amounts of breathing helps, and now she doesn't have ROP. this isn't to say that she won't have problems, but, she's come this far without major hurdles. and that, in and of itself, is a blessing. (now she just needs to get to age 3! i guess i should start with age 0 first!) we also have been taken care of physically and financially. it seems like just when we've spent the last of our money on gas- random money comes our way!

the neonatologist over the nicu spoke with me today for quite some time about wren's development etc. she said that she can't guarantee that what we talked about yesterday won't happen... (she was in the meeting.) but she doesn't expect wren to have any of the severe issues. which at least makes me relax a little. yesterday was a trip! today was a little better. she also said that in her estimation that wren would probably go home in closer to a month. (THANK GOODNESS! but i'm not getting my hopes too high up there.) i talked to her a little more in depth about whether wren is behind. she said that the bout of infection that wren had for a week or so was really wasted time. when she was sick she wasn't developing her lungs at all. she said she's where she should be for having had that spell.

today katie was taking care of her. she did just fine. (yesterday she was having some reflux, really the first reflux of note that i've ever seen. she's also been having some issues with pooping. they think both of these could just be a reaction to being off feeds for a couple of days when she got the blood.) this evening she had a new nurse, she seems like a great lady, and was super caring to wren AND competent! what a combination! :)
wren weighed in at a whopping 3lbs 8oz last night.. she's still in the 10th percentile... but trending up!
i bought the car seat tonight. that was SOOO weird! it's the first big purchase we've made. i'm planning on picking up the co-sleeper this weekend. and finishing up her nook in our room this next week. this is the one i decided on:
i decided that i was going to carry her in a sling or wrap for a good portion of her baby time. lugging around the car seat, or dealing with the hassle of a stroller just seems like too much. especially since we're expecting that she'll be just around 5lbs when she comes home. (of course, i can kick myself later and buy either a universally adaptable stroller, or the britax one that goes with this seat.)
i also decided that i like cow print- who knew?


Meghan said...

That is so wonderful about her eyes! :) And I LOVE the carseat--so cute! The sleepywrap that Laura talks about is a great wrap if you haven't gotten one yet--Caden doesn't stand a chance in it--he falls asleep right away in it!
She's doing great on the weight...almost 4 lbs!

Anonymous said...

:P I have the bigger version........the cow print Marathon. I would have never pegged myself as a cow print car seat kinda mom.

I agree with you (don't know if you read my post about it).......lugging those seats is such a PITA, IMHO. It wasn't until my third kid that I wised up and just got a baby carrier, it was much easier. And a lot nicer on my back!

Bonnie Bassham said...

That is such fabulous news, Charla.
Remind me Charla, if I haven't told you already, about how things turn out completely different sometimes than what you wish for/pray for. It happened to me in a big way. God DOES know the plans he has for us. Even when we think we have "good" plans for ourselves.