july 31- up 25 grams

my little girl is getting to be a fatty! weighing in at 3lbs 8oz... she is starting to fill out. i thought she'd have skinny legs and arms forever!
today while i was visiting her heart rate shot up over 200. that rarely happens. i started messing with her (which is what i do when she seems upset, mess with her until she calms down) and unswaddled her to find her bright pink and hot. she was 37.5 celsius (99.5 farenheit)! that was in a short sleeve onesie and a thin blanket! i don't know why people doubt her. :)

this evening i tried the nns twice. the first time was about 20 minutes into a feed. she is definitely to lazy to try and work for it when it's already coming in! haha.. i think someone told her we're going to feed her either way. :) the second time was about 15 minutes before her next feeding. that time she latched again.. and she loved it! i'm so glad she's taking to this pretty well. let's hope we don't have feeding issues once we get to the point that we can start trying to feed her.

wren LOVES music. she started out dancing in my belly anytime she heard it. now, she sats high every time she hears music. (of course, she's on the picky side.) most all classical, some earthy soothing stuff, and the joshua radin station on pandora. :) that's pretty much all she's listened to so far. i got her down to 42% on the cannula while we were listening to music. (of course, then she pooped, threw a fit, and desated to 64!

this should be an ad campaign

wren will only be missing her daddy for about a week more. then he comes back home to all of our craziness. yesterday we got the most thoughtful care package from wren's great grandma! it included homemade cookies, snacks, books, and a mirror for kangaroo care! she definitely knows what preemie parents need!
a note to daddy

check out how long that hair is!

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Laura said...

How wonderful that Wren loves music!!! Ky was always that way too ... Maezie isn't as much.

I love that Wren has so much hair! I'm pretty sure she ALREADY has more hair than Kyleigh had at 19 months old!!! Hahah!!

Go WREN!!!! :)