august 21- little big head

tripler army medical center dayspa... thanks lisa for pampering our little lady!

here's some information to get you caught up on wren over the past few days.
i found out a few days ago that wren's head ultrasound didn't, in fact, come back normal. she has something called extra axial fluid. this occurs in about one percent of noggins.(i guess that number could be lower than the actual number because most termies aren't given multiple head ultrasounds.) it has no apparent side effects- other than a bigger head than normal. the doc asked if big heads ran in our families... my initial reaction was no- then i remembered that some of thadd's family (love you guys!) has to search out the bigger sized hats, and that my nephew's head (he's 2 in just a few days) is(or was) in like the 75th percentile. so, even though thadd and i have standard size noggins, our families do have some tendencies to be bigger....
i also found out that her newborn screen came back normal. for those that don't remember this was newborn screen number 4. so, after two and a half months, it's nice to know she has no genetic abnormalities or major organ function problems... right?
ok, to more recent updates... yesterday they decided to sprint her till she can't sprint no more...(which is suppose makes it more of a marathon than a sprint.) she's now at 53 hours, i think. we're hoping she can stick it out this time. so far she has no retraction (more than her usual slight pulling) no tachypnea, and breastfed well. (though i'm still doing the different schedule of just a few times a day to give her time to rest up.) the "just a few times a day" schedule works for me too because of my back pain and the roxicet they gave me- i've been feeling a little loopy. needing to take it easy more... see about the history of that here.
she has a nurse today who hasn't had her in a while- hopefully it will go well. as i've mentioned i know it's hard when they haven't had them for a while to know a change in condition worthy of a change of course. but she's really sweet and competent. shes also the nurse who does infant massage- maybe we can get some tips!

everyone in thadd's company has been coming down with the flu, so we're on germ-x lockdown mode... which means daddy gets a mask.

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meghan said...

ummmm yeah haha...big heads definitely run in the fam! Luckily Caden's was normal when he was born (my lower region thanks him for that). But it's grown abt 5 inches since he was born--it's 18-19 inches around now. Looks like Wren won't escape that fate from her Donaghey family! :)