august 24- <3

today wren fed for 25 minutes! what a little feeder... i'd been backing off on her feeds to make sure that she could handle the time on the nasal cannula, but sure enough, she's doing great! still at 2 liters, but requiring only 40% or so on her oxygen.

they discovered today that she has a heart murmur. i think they're trying to give me a nervous breakdown! it can only be heard with the bell side of the stethoscope (the small side that hears lower tones) and only at the cardiac apex. (one small area.) they say this is why no one discovered it until now. upon review of her early tests, they did say that it could be caused by an extra vessel she has in her heart that was deemed "unimpressive" early on. the pediatric cardiologist should be coming this week to evaluate her situation. more to come on that front soon.

her poo is finally getting better again. (thank you hmf! for giving my poor kiddo the runs AGAIN!)and her gas is all but resolved.(it was so bad that even the docs were commenting on it.) just a sidenote: formula sucks. dairy sucks. our digestive systems tolerate it- but it is NOT good for us. neither is soy for that matter, so don't think that soy formula is going to be the end all alternative to dairy formula. soy creates a false estrogen in our body that puts development out of whack it kiddos. ok. i feel better, i just had to get that off my chest!

she had her pt session today. it was very similar to her ot session. (occupational therapy.) it's really just common sense stuff. and if i get ONE more brochure telling me how to recongnize my daughter's moods my head might explode! though i think i'll do a post for everyone, since you might not have a preemie, and therefore might not have been give 15 flyers, pamphlets and hands on training to how they're happiness is going.

she poops on me, then looks lovingly at katie-perfect. btw, that was my first time being pooped on... it was goodtimes.

all tucked in... i love a baby that can self soothe... ok, i'd probably love her anyway

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Jessica B said...

That last picture is so good! She looks so alert. She's already looking bigger than when I saw her.