august 25- my accessorized little bird

the cardiologist came by... he reviewed her early cardiac tests, and assessed her today. he said that she has an "accessory vessel" or "collateral vessel" from her aorta to her pulmonary blood supply.

i couldn't find a picture of it... so you'll have to use your imagination in the picture above.
anyway... he said that it's completely not a big deal. the murmur is "vibratory" which i assume means that's the good kind. if you have to have a kind. they also told me that this is just part of her physiology. even if she had been born full term she would have had this heart abnormality.

apparently the 5lb milestone yesterday was false. (it was about 125g bump from the day before.) today she was back to 4lb 14oz. oh well, she'll hit 5 soon enough.

my milk supply has been on the putz lately. there, i said it. i'm now one of "those women". i always secretly took pride in my ability to make tons of milk. if i have to have H boobs- i should at least have the milk thing going for me. i guess i'm being punished for my pride! haha... well, at least now i've seen both sides of the coin.. i can say, i definitely prefer having too much than not enough. i'm hoping with some fenugreek and blessed thistle i'll be back up to par in no time.

the nurse that we wish worked more often: amanda

the breastfriend- not just for women...

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