august 18- pretty in pictures

she's actually holding her dummy now and then... so i'm not sure it's totally intentional.. but hey.. we can hope!

yay! we had pictures and the head ultrasound this morning and a few successful feeds. (18-24min).
the pictures are going to be AMAZING!! the photographer, (and her portable background stand- tess :) did such a great job. i recommend them to everyone living on oahu. here's her website. you'll fall out of your chair when you see her work. lisa, a mother of a preemie herself, really worked with wren and was conscious of her temperature, temperment, and comfort...even when the head ultrasound did end up conflicting. they were so great. i can't thank her enough for participating in the pictures of hope foundation.
we don't have the results of her head ultrasound yet... though we expect it will be fine. this was the one that is done at 36 weeks. even though she's really 39ish now. (they're done at 1 week, 1 month, and upon discharge or at 36 weeks, whichever is sooner.)
they decided to do a CBC (complete blood count). sometimes the iStat-7 can be a little off because of the fluid in the feet. this is what i commonly call a heel stick. (though not the same as the "newborn heel stick" which is for genetic testing). since you're just getting blood from the capillaries sometimes it can give a diluted reading, causing the red blood cell count to be lower than it really is. whew- ok. so the CBC came back with her crit at 29 (up from 27 yesterday.) her retic (the test that shows how many immature red blood cells- how she's doing on producing her own) came back at 2%. i have no clue what that means, and i haven't had a chance to google it yet- but the doc tells me that's pretty good for where she is.
they've decided to put the hmf back into her gavage feeds (which is only a few a day now). her poo has been getting better- so we'll see if it gets worse again. she's started spitting up after most every feed- but still not acting reflux-y, and is pretty calm. i have to take a second and insert here that i am pretty much against the multi-vitamins they're giving her. i'm on great vitamins, and they make her puke every single time. seriously people- can't we just trust the good ol' milk factory the way god designed it?
tonight she weighed in at 4lb10oz. so she's almost caught up to where she was a few days ago. i asked the doc about this.. she said it could be that wren is going through a growth spurt soon. in which case her body would use the calories in different ways other than just packing on weight. (building cells for muscle, organs, blood etc.)
i'm still really struggling with the sleep issue.. but getting into more of a groove now. i'm really cursing my insensitivity to caffeine... if only a cup of coffee would work meghan! :/

this is another fabulous nurse that we're adding to our list of faves. beth is such a sweetheart!
(we'll miss her on her trip- but wren hopes she has a great time!)

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