august 16- force feeding?

this is me sitting behind the "nursing screen" burping wren.
what a piece of crap. i actually got brained by it one day when it fell on me. (don't worry, my rather sizeable bosom sheilded the baby.)this was before i turned breastfeeding expert- now i just use my wrap. (thanks katie lewis for the AWESOME nursing wrap.)

wren hasn't really been too excited about her 10am feeding. consistently for the past few days she's just fought me while i try to feed her, soothe her, feed her more. if you haven't ever tried it before- let me tell you, it's pretty hard to force breast feed a flailing infant, even if she only weighs 4lbs! really- what's the point? i can tell you without a doubt that if i had that little defiant girl at home i'd just let her sleep through.. there'd be no "waking to feed".
the doc said that sometimes there are just certain times of day that they aren't as hungry as others. (ie. i'm not a big breakfast eater...) she's only been going for about 10minutes at the 10am feeding. all of her other feedings have been going splendidly- about 20 minutes. she's now breastfeeding 6 of 8 feedings! she still desats some- bit doesn't drop her heartrate really at all. she's still 6 on 6 off with the cpap. (the way the feedings work it's really been 5 ish hours on cpap) she's tolerating it well, needing about 40 to 50 on both. i clipped her nails for the first time tonight- they were so long that shed already had several hangnails. i was afraid to cut her, but it went off without a hitch. :)

i'm totally digging the pink and green

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