august 23- will the cannula stick?

wren has now been on the cannula for 3 days. i think. i'm losing time in these hospital walls... she went down to needing only about 35% today! woo-hoo! i'm so excited. and she's still not having any troubles breathing. (obviously, since she was weaned so low.) they put in her ng tube this morning. (nasal gastric) so we're not having to take the og in and out each time she breastfeeds.
which brings me to breastfeeding. not so hot lately. i've decided that she's probably just using more energy to breathe, so she's not hanging in there to feed. she's fed for 11 minutes, 15 minutes and then 12 minutes so far today. it's really not characteristic for her to only go halfway at each feeding. she just gets pooped out and dozes off. i've tried stim on her back. (just running fingers with some pressure up and down next to her spine.) uncovering her feet, tickling her feet, and stim on her feet. rubbing her head, tickling her nose, cheeks and chin. pretty much everything but annointing her with some ice water. i'm just going to let her build her strength back up... until then, she probably needs the sleep. i'm still going to try every other feed. but i'm going to stop being disappointed when she doesn't nurse the full 20 minutes.
her poo turned to water again. grr. so the doc took the hmf out again. he said he wasn't worried about her not having it. on the off chance that she loses weight without it he said he'd add in neosure instead of the hmf they've been using. i haven't done any research on that one yet. though i'm sure it's dairy based. :/ he said they tolerate it better.
after some further research i think i'm going to have to do some further research on this head issue. (the benign extra axial fluid, or BEAF) here's one of the articles i found. please be prayerful that she can turn out ok. i'm planning on talking to the doctors more about this in the next few days.

auntie jessica finally got to meet wren yesterday!

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