august 28- a formal affair

tonight was a military intelligence ball for my husband's brigade.... i found out about it wednesday. for those of you who are counting- yes, two days ago. and of course, having newly had a baby. (ehem... well, i guess it was several months ago.) none of my gowns fit. and having my chesty problem that i've mentioned before, i usually can't just buy something off the rack. so, i'm looking at needing to get a dress, get it altered, and find accessories in the next 2 days... all while breastfeeding every 3 hours. at this point, you might be asking if my husband is still alive... yes, i thought better of killing him- though it did cross my mind. i decided to be the supportive wife, and go shopping today, find shoes that match a cocktail dress i already had, and have my make- up done at a counter in macys, spend the entire night wishing i was sleeping, and bemoaning the uncomfortable shoes i'd just bought. it was a night screaming ROMANCE! haha...
other than being the most embarassingly underdressed enlisted wife there, it was pretty much standard "army ball" fare.

daddy, back in the nicu

all that to say, while we were gone they tried to give her a bottle. she didn't do so hot. they used the nuk nipples, and she desated, dropped her heart rate, and only took 20ml. i think they just released too much milk at once for her since she's used to breastfeeding... we're trying the low flow medela nipples tomorrow.

it's so easy to say "just give her a bottle" and let me sleep!! i know why people fall into that trap. it's one of the more alluring of parental pot holes. but with my supply back on the rise, i can't really afford to be missing those baby-to-nipple times. and, of course, i have that little voice in the back of my mind that's making me feel guilty for using the nurses that i can't have when i go home.

but, in fairness, when we go home i won't have to walk 3 wards of a hospital at all hours with my hair as a tell all to my new- mommyness. you termie mommies should be SO happy.. you got to be sleep deprived, and crazy eyed, and wear your pjs for weeks in the privacy of your own home! haha.. i envy that SO much. i know when it's the middle of the day and i look like a zombie with sheet marks on my face that the people i pass by the elevators are wondering about me.. maybe i should wear a hospital gown- people in hospital gowns can get away with anything.

uncle brian got to come for a visit on monday... she was sleeping pretty soundly so we didn't wake her..

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Jessica B said...

I think Hayden being such a good sleeper so early is one of the reasons I've had so much trouble with my milk supply. Thank you so much for feeding Hayden for me! Now that he's not nursing, he is no longer constipated. I think he just wasn't getting enough liquid from me. I woke up your house sitter when I went to go get milk yesterday morning. I thought I was at the wrong house for a minute.