day 70 in the nicu- my little weed

let me tell you about how my little 1lb 11oz baby now weighs in at 4lbs 5oz! her 13.5inches has stretched to 17! what a big girl.

june 26

august 9

i breastfed her twice today for about 20 minutes each time. she had a little spit up, but they've decided she probably doesn't have reflux. her poo is still super mustardy, watery, so the doc decided to go ahead and lose the hmf. YAY! whew... now i can sleep more soundly at night. (i hope that was the problem and that in the next few days she'll get it all out of her system and be ok.) she still continues to be restless with stooling, but she cries less while doing it. (but you should hear her when we try to change her diaper- she's miserable! there's a broken down spot on her tushy and on her labia. she's really uncomfortable most of the time. i can't imagine what diaper rash must feel like!) anyway, hopefully the absence of hmf will get her stools back to their normal seedy consistancy and lessen the aggravation to the diaper rash.

so, now for the notsogood news- she's back on cpap almost full time. last night it looked like she was retracting and she had been having short bouts of tachypnea as well. they took a blood gas and it was 60, which is a little high. her chest x-ray showed that she was expanding her lungs to 8 ribs. (9 is perfect) so, it wasn't a dire, save her life, emergency. however, it will be easier for her on the cpap for a bit longer. i was super bummed about it. but i'm starting to resign myself to this life. (what else can i do?) everytime the roller coaster comes up, it will go down. so, i've decided to just go ahead and pass on this next little bit. i'm going to exit the ride, and instead make active choices and think positively about where we're headed. the attending said that i could go ahead and feed her twice a day. she wants a few days to evaluate how wren's doing, and then she's going to determine what to do about sprints. i'm just happy she can have the cannula time when she feeds. she tolerates it just fine when she's on it. but maybe just gets tired after being on it for days at a time. (she made it about 48 hours this last time.)

her rop exam is scheduled for thursday... and next week will hopefully be picture day. :) (i found a great photographer on www.picturesofhopefoundation.org.)

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Audrey said...

She has gotten so big! I have to say I love the pic where she is looking at you. It looks like she is reaching for you..."mommy!" :-)