august 2- i'd like a little less peep people

today has been a good day!

in rounds they lowered her peep (positive pressure ) to 5. it had been at 6. they're checking her c02 at 4 this morning and will be able to tell if she's expelling it when she exhales. after we get the results of that, we'll know if she can handle being without the extra pressure. (we hope so, this is a step toward weening her off the cpap altogether.)
this was going to be a picture for daddy, but mommy found it too horrifying.
this is the result of cpap prongs..

her nasal cannula sprint went AWESOME! she got down to 40% and hung out there for about an hour! she was on 30s on cpap all day. (except for a short stint where they were having a hard time getting a seal... the prongs weren't fitting properly.)
they also changed her gavage feedings from over 30 minutes on a pump, to gravity. (just like it sounds- they just hold the syringe up, and it runs in her belly.) the bolus gives the feeling of "fullness" like a normal person has. eat, get full, stop. (rather than the pump over hours...) when we get that "full" feeling it releases all sorts of hormones and enzymes for digestion. she's tolerated this well... with no problems. she is still grunting/writhing/whining/crying/gassing A LOT. it just started about 4 days ago. i think it could be caused by the hmf. (i caved on the issue. i'm a bad mom- i know. believe me when i say i'm losing sleep.it just seems like there are already so many things that i have preferences on... i don't want to argue about that too.) i guess it also could be that she's found "her voice". in general she is much more vocal than she used to be. or maybe reflux? (though she hasn't been spitting up since a few days ago... and they attributed that bout of spit-ups to the fact that she had been on the trophic feeds for a few days when she got her blood transfusion.)
nns didn't go so well today. she's been latching about every other day so far. i attributed her apathy to doing it during/after a feed.. but today she was good and hungry... and instead of getting down to business, she just stared around at everything..completely uninterested. i bet if she get's hungry enough she'd be interested. (but i suppose that might just be cruel. :) i am thankful for her alertness. she seems to interact with her surroundings, and be interested in everything now.
you want me to do what?
she's going to have wrinkles by the time she's 6 from that "concerned" look she always gives.

she was up 115grams today. that may not actually be correct- but it could be. that puts her at 3lbs 15oz! (we'll see if she's still there tomorrow. :) but, even if she wasn't really up 115 grams... check out this weight gain:

the one on the left is from 7.17
the one on the right was taken today.
(the purple dummy is a size smaller than the green one.)

i have had the most uplifting experiences with her lately. she just makes me smile. i love reading to her... watching her sat high to the story of narnia. (we're reading the magician's nephew. tonight was the creation of narnia. she LOVED it. although, i'm not sure she understood the correlation. :) i love listening to music with her... either on my phone (joshua radin station on pandora) or her ipod (she shares an earbud with me. :)... it gets harder and harder to leave her everyday... i think within a few weeks i just won't be able to bear it! i definitely feel like a mommy now. now i can walk in and pick her up. i can untangle all her cords by myself. i know when she's ok, and when she's not. i change her clothes. i change her bedding. i do her laundry. i put her to breast (though she's not doing much there these days!) today, i got to put her mobile up in her crib. i just feel like i have a daughter... and i can't wait to nap with her on my couch!
speaking of naps... i picked up her co-sleeper yesterday! i got a great deal on it at kelsey's. they do price matching, and also pay most of the shipping themselves... so they're able to cut costs. they've got ADORABLE things there! i'm going to wait until wren's daddy is back home to set up her nook. i feel like that should be a mommy-daddy bonding time. :) (she's getting a nook in our bedroom. we only have a 2 bedroom, have all the furniture to set it up as a spare bedroom, and were planning on getting a co-sleeper at first anyway... so she doesn't get a nursery until we move next year.)

this is a picture from this evening... snuggled in her supercute bed. thanks for the adorable bedding auntie rebecca. :)

she'd been on the mask (vs.prongs) for about 6 hours at this point.
luckily her nose usually goes back to it's regular shape. usually.
also, i'd like everyone to notice that her clothes match her pink and yellow bedding.
that makes me a good parent- right?


Elizabeth said...

She's growing so fast now! I think the piggy nose pic is cute :) So happy that ya'll are getting set up for her to come home, that's gotta be very exciting!!!

C Lo said...

IN the short time I've been reading, she is already so much bigger and filled out, it's hard for me to believe she's still so tiny. :) Absolutely adorable.

meghan said...

Wow she has filled out!
Is that co sleeper one that attaches to the side of the bed? I hear those are great!