august 5- 2 sprints a day

wren had a trial on 2 sprints a day today. she did great! i'm so excited that she's doing well. last night she got a bath. it went well. she tanked a little at first. and, she pooped in her tub three times!
our little bird now weighs 4lbs 3oz, and is 2 months old. hard to believe.
here are some catch-up pictures...
this is her mobile. i don't love it, but it was one of the only ones i could find that faced downward. 
what good is a mobile that's made for me?
08.03.09 snuggled in for bed
this is her 2month birthday. 
not a very good picture- but the only one i took before the battery ran out.
here are some after bath and in between bath pictures. we had to start over 3 times due to poo.
this is another outfit from auntie jessica- super cute!!!
these are the best times... she's snuggled in with mommy taking a nap.


Sonia, Gary and Lydia said...

she's so cute! Glad to hear she's doing well :)

meghan said...

Infantino makes a mobile that faces downward--AR Childrens' had them and Caden had one on his crib when he was in for surgery. He loved it! I found it at Target and almost bought it--it was on sale for $20-something I think? It's super tall...and I believe it was a garden type scenery--not positive though. Really bright and if you turned it on it slowly turned.

Trish said...

we have a tiny love mobile that faces down that Robbie still loves.. it has black swirly things that spin..

Let me see if I can find a link..

and of course.. she's gorgeous!

Dana said...

:o) I saw your link on the preemie parents board on babycenter.com and I think Wren is so cute!! We have 27 week old twins at Kapiolani...they don't allow clothes and my boys are now at around 36 weeks gestation and won't fit into preemie clothes when they come home. I have a bunch of new stuff with tags still on...and would love to give it to you if you want them. They are all gender neutral for the most part...so if you want them just send me an email.