august 11- continuity of care

i know it must be frustrating for nurses... coming in, having a baby that you've never cared for before... and having to deal with that baby's overbearing, know-it-all parents!

today wren had a new nurse... when i called to check on her the nurse had her at 57% oxygen! she said that she had her at that level so that she wouldn't have desats. she always desats (and self-recovers without intervention). and she'll pretty much take whatever level of oxygen she's put on. it takes a great nurse with lots of patience to wean her down to where she really should be.

so, tonight katie helped me write a note "all about wren". the note categorizes her preferences and tendencies... in the hopes that a new nurse could come in a step ahead of the game. this, in
addition to having primary nurses, is really the only way to try to have any sort of continuity whatsoever. we've also started having family care plan meetings. (as in, we've had 1... and are planning one later this week.) the care meetings help to get the doctors on the same page, and to give us an overall plan for what to expect- notsogood for the day to day care. i would recommend these things for any nicu mommies out there. (or mommies with kids in the hospital for an extended time.)

wren getting her mouth cleaned... 
it's a sponge on a stick- also used for developmental therapy in kids with oral aversions.
getting a bath with daddy for the first time!
she loves the bath.
katie's helping



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