august 10-dear dad

back on cpap
a note for daddy...(katie is just the best kind of person.)
and, she's getting her butt aired by oxygen to help with healing.
daddy's first time seeing her at her whopping 4lb 5.13oz! he's in shock.

first time being burped by dad... after feeding for 24 minutes!

this is lisa- one of our favorites!
she's still on the cpap most of the time. she's been needing between 40-55% oxygen. she gets to come off the cpap to breastfeed twice a day. she's been getting better and better at latching. oddly enough she prefers a different hold on either side. i think we're both getting the hang of it. she still drops her heartrate a little, but it's not a real brady. (in order to be considered a true bradycardia it has to be under 80 beats/minute.) she drops to about 110/minute. she desats to around 88... but always paces herself to come back up.

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Betsy in ar said...

OMG! what a little fatty! has she quadrupled her weight yet? I can't wait to meet her.