august 15- the preemie weight loss plan

her hematocrit is 27. (down from 30 last week) her c02 is 56. (down from 62 last week. a good range is 40s-50s. so it's better.) she was down 125grams! it's really crazy, but she was only 4 lb 8oz tonight. that's less than she weighed not only yesterday, but 2 days ago! there could be lots of reasons. she's working harder on cpap and feeding- so she burns more calories. she's getting straight bm- no fortifier. and she might not be getting as much from the breast as she would get in a gavage feed. i hope the docs don't decide she needs to cut back on breast feeding. :/ we'll see what they have to say.

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Jessica B said...

Did she have any giant poops?