august 30- happy full gestation day!

today was a special day that not many can claim to have. day 88- and the due date. we are reminded of how lucky we are to have our little bird... it's strange to think how different our lives would be if i were 40 weeks pregnant today, instead of wren turning 0. i'm only slightly reminded of the loss of my full term pregnancy... pregnancies are so much less important than babies after all. so, tonight as i nursed my sweet one, with her little foot tucked into the crook of my arm, all i felt was warm and blessed... not a hint of sadness.

she is doing amazing. I'm so excited about all the progress she's making. her crit was up to 31!!! (from 27 last week). this is the first time she's made her own blood to date- we're happy she decided to go ahead and do that. :) her sodium was lowered today based on the results of her electrolytes in her iStat. you might notice from the picture that she no longer has her ng tube! it's all nipples for her now!! (one of the reasons it's good that they're lowering some of her meds- they taste horrible!) she's been breastfeeding without problems, and taking a bottle to get meds and supplement her feeds a little while i work on my supply. (which is bumped up to almost normal now.) there is a certain amount of addiction to bottles- on my part! it's so easy- and i can see exactly how much she's taking- which the neurotic nicu mom in me loves!!! but, i'm still bfing almost every feed... with a few chances for thadd to bottle feed each day. he's ADORABLE when he feeds her! :) i am making sure that i don't give her bottles. i want her to associate me with bfing, my smell, my voice, my touch... hopefully that will help her not get confused.
today she's 5 pounds!! :) the last time she was 5 pounds she wasn't really 5 pounds after all.
this is the beginning of the end of our stay in the nicu... i can feel it!

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