sept 4- one baby, unshaken, to go please....

the discharge class was largely a waste of time. for those of you who haven't been to one here's the overview:

intro to infant cpr- one step is actually to pat the baby on the foot and say "are you ok? hey, are you ok?". no, i'm not kidding.

preemie video- telling me what i already learned in 3 months of nicu life. ie. don't overstimulate them. be aware of their needs. aren't preemies neat. wow, you have a preemie.

PURPLE video- this is the new, trendy name for the still terrible condition better known as colic. (i wonder what colic really is. how much of this is caused by formula? diet? environment? or some sort of undiagnosed health issue?)
p- peak of crying
u- unexpected onset
r- resistant to soothing
p- pain like face
l- long crying bouts
e- evening
why don't they just call it colic? if your baby has it, believe me you'll know.
some tips to help parents not lose their mind-
just trying to comfort the baby can actually lessen crying by up to 50% (imagine how bad it COULD be!)
also, my sister used baby's bliss gripe water methodically when my nephew had colic. i would, and i'm positive she would, recommend it highly.
carry them more, walk and talk.
it's ok to be frustrated.
it's ok to walk away.

which brings me to the "don't shake your baby" video. really? do people need this? it seems like no amount of talking about it will prevent it from happening... am i right? maybe i'm not. but if i get one more pamphlet or reminder not to shake her, i might shake the person telling me.

they also said that half of all preemies will be readmitted in the first year of life. ick. let's hope not. i'm posting a poll on that. please take the time to fill it out.

[poll discontinued] 60% of you said that your preemie was not readmitted.


Stu & Sharon & boys said...

Can't be caused by formula 'cause Sean had it BAD - from 5 pm to 11 pm every night and he was exclusively breasfed. The gripe water we discovered for Cale and it was a big help - not a total solution, but it really helped.
We are so excited for all of you - can't wait for Wren to be home - and then to see all of you "heme" here in Arkansas for a while! Love you guys!!

wrensmommy said...

i know several breastfed babies that have had it as well... i just always feel like things should have some reason behind them. there's got to be an underlying cause for babies to cry for hours everyday... i'm sure, after watching my nephew, that he was actually in pain during that time. it was TERRIBLE!

Paula Maurine said...

Emery was readmitted 5 weeks after she graduated from the NICU with Bronchiolitis and Whooping cough.. it was horrible..
Also for colic .. WWW.coliccalm.com is the most AMAZING product on the planet its a little bit pricey but honestly well worth it!!!!