where's the milk?

well, shortly after my last post disaster struck! wren's thrush and following poor feeding led to a bit of a supply issue with me. ugh. and here i'm always talking about how to keep supply up and whatnot. those 8 hours were TERRIBLE. particularly the overnight ones where my body was telling me to sleep,
and wren's was telling her to eat. i did have an entire freezer full of milk... but i gave that away weeks ago. (knowing my supply is typically fine if not excessive, and that we're moving so soon and i can't take it with me.)
well, i did just as i tell everyone else to do. fed her everytime she cried. (even though i was empty..) took what was most likely unhealthy amounts of fenugreek. drank poisonous amounts of water, and ate handfuls of oats. well, it worked. and after several hours of being behind i caught up. i spent the rest of the weekend almost exclusively pumping. it helps that she's been going at least 4 hours between feeds now. usually one 5 hour stretch... luckily it's overnight... around 2-6... lucky me!! i have put her to breast a couple of times, but mostly bottle feeding so i'll have some extra lying around just in case.
the thrush is getting much better... still not gone- but going away. i've been putting the nystatin on the bink. it works like a charm! i suggest that over actually dosing them with a syringe. what a hassle.. then cleaning it each time...
i think she's a little fatter everday. (of course!) but it's weird to see her little rolls popping up overnight. my little bird is growing up so fast! next stop kindergarten!
we've got the pediatric pulmonologist appointment tomorrow... then the (hopefully last) ROP exam on thursday.

wren and mady were bonding on the couch... wren's in her earlybirds sleep nest. she LOVES it! thanks auntie beth!!

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