you said what?

today, while out with wren, i received the expected "how old is she?",and some of the "she's so tiny/small/little", and a few "what a little miracle!".. all of these are perfectly acceptable.. i fully expect that people will be curious and would much rather someone ask outright. (that's what i would do, after all.)

BUT, as i'm walking to the car, pretty pleased with our little trip,
a lady sitting on a bench calls out "is that a doll in there?". in her defense, i was walking quickly by, and there's a chance i could be mistaken for a 6 year old with a toy stroller. (happens all the time.) seriously, what excuse would there be for an adult woman to be carting around a doll, WITH accessories like breathing apparatus, in a real stroller/carseat? i can think of none- well, perhaps severe mental illness...or a bet... or performance art?

the funny thing is, that after hearing so many stories about things like this i'd prepared myself. i wasn't offended for wren by what she said. after all, being doll-sized isn't really an insult. and the lady wasn't intentionally trying to insult her. i was more just shocked at the ignorance, rudeness, and apparent lack of forethought. my response was "excuse me?", when she repeated herself i said "what?", and then she said "oh, a baby"... i explained (from an awkward distance at this point), that she was born at 27 weeks, and just got out of the hospital. that she'd only be a few weeks old.

sheesh. what an idiot. by the way, let me know if you see anyone toting one of those really neat "preemie baby with medical equipment" dolls in a real stroller... i hear they poop and cry as well...

just a little "at home time" to warm your heart...

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Lindsay H. said...

Don't you just love dumb people? Multiple mommies get all sorts of stupid questions too. My favorite goes "Are they twins?" "Yes" I proudly reply. "Are they both boys?" "No" I say a little irritated, since Reese is wearing a hot pink tu-tu. "Oh, well are they identical?" "No" I politely reply, while thinking "I just told you that they are not the same sex, I don't know if you have checked lately lady, but there is nothing identical about those parts!"