sept 3- going to be a car rider someday

i think this was the first time dad realized we were going to be taking our little girl home.

she passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

everyone seemed surprised- but i knew she could do it. of course this assurance of her amazingness in a car seat didn't stop me from having to leave the nicu while she did the test. it was the longest 7 minutes of my life! (and there were 83 left.... i had to go.)
to pass she couldn't have any desats, bradys or apnea while in the car seat for 90 minutes. she also shouldn't require more on her oxygen. it's fairly common that when the little ones get hunched over in the seats they require more help.

against the advice of the certified car seat expert on staff at the hospital... i decided to go with the peg perego primo viaggio. it's good from 5-30lbs, great in crash testing... and with the money we saved by not having a nursery- what the heck? i went with the papaya color so it would work with our next one too... boy or girl.

also, i'm not sure if you noticed... but i'm a great mom... did you see that her outfit matches her car seat? things like that are just way undervalued in our society today.

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