september 5- treading water

we're stuck here till wednesday... though i suppose i should just be happy we have a date! haha.. which is more than i ever really thought we'd have.


i can't stay away from her now. it's strange.. now that i know she's coming home i feel like she's really mine. it's almost like i feel they gave me my daughter- now she's mine and i can barely leave her to sleep. i actually walked down just to hold her a little bit ago, i roused her just to hold her.. i haven't done that in a long while.

she's been taking around 100ml at each bottle feeding! i think that they may have been underfeeding her for the past month at least. when she was still getting some feeds gavaged they had her at only 45ml. she's taken more than that for the past few weeks from day 1 of being on an ad lib schedule. (ad lib means they feed her as much as she wants, whenever she wants. or, they call me whenever she wants to nurse for as long as she wants. :) right away she was taking at least 80ml by bottle. she now weighs 5lb 7oz! and has been gaining weight like the champ that she is. or heifer that she is. that's my little pet name for you wren- heifer... though i suppose little bird is a bit more endearing.

i'll be rooming in on tuesday night with the oxygen equipment just to make sure that i'm confident with it. then wednesday, it's off to the nest!

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Kimberly McCoy-Middleton said...

Hey Char,
I am SOO happy that Wren is doing so well. Your blog made me cry! (All happy) I am soo happy for you all! I will continue to keep you all in my prayers!! Thanks for the update I check it daily to see how Wren, Thadd and you are doing! Wren is so adorable! I love the carseat BTW! Anyway, Give that sweet baby a kiss for me!