septemeber 3- doctors and other strangers

here's the plan:
today: discharge meeting, carseat test
tomorrow: discharge class
saturday: hearing test
wednesday: oxygen gets delivered to the hospital
thursday: ROP exam
friday: day 100!!!

somewhere in between wed and Friday we're going home!!! :) and it could not come soon enough for this nicu mommy!

i've had enough of being told when i should and shouldn't give a bottle (a different doctor again??!!!) to being told what car seat i shouldn't buy due to cost (who is this lady anyway??!!!) i've had just about enough of micromanagement of my parenting (why is this nurse torturing me??!!!) i also had conversation number 8 regarding vaccination.(did i stutter??!!!) which, surprise, we're still not doing... big shocker.
it will be so great to be able to parent amongst ourselves, asking for advice when we want it- without being pressed to compromise our stand or change our minds.

the discharge meeting went ok. they actually said there's a decent chance that she could be off oxygen before we move! woot! we're not getting our hopes up- but we're holding a little teeny tiny bit of hope in the very back of our minds that she could be off soon.
we went over some of the logistics of traveling with oxygen... ugh. what a crappy trip that will be. but at least they're setting it all up for us ahead of time.

i'll send more of the play by play in the days to come.

love to you all.

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